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Press Release issued by The Salmon Farm Protest Group, Wednesday 20th November 2002


10 Reasons to Boycott Scottish ‘Quality’ Salmon This Xmas


With five weeks until Christmas, consumers are being urged not to buy farmed salmon. The Salmon Farm Protest Group today (Wednesday 20th November) launched their campaign, “10 reasons to boycott Scottish ‘quality’ salmon this Christmas”.  The Group will hold “Santa say’s no, no, no to farmed salmon” parties in December, in Edinburgh (Princes Street), London (Regents Street and Dublin (O’Connell Street).

Santa will be handing out presents of wild Alaskan salmon and explaining to consumers why they should think twice before buying factory-reared farmed salmon.


“The 10 reasons to boycott Scottish ‘quality’ salmon this Christmas” include:


-         Farmed salmon contains more fat and is less healthy than wild salmon

-         Farmed salmon can be contaminated with cancer-causing chemicals

-         Artificial colourants are fed to most make their flesh pink

-         Illegal chemicals have been detected in farmed salmon on sale in UK supermarkets

-         Wild salmon and sea trout are being threatened with extinction by salmon farming


The “10 reasons to boycott Scottish ‘quality’ salmon this Christmas” [1] can be

compared to the “10 reasons to be cheerful” issued by Scottish Quality Salmon [2]


Bruce Sandison, Chairman of the Salmon Farm Protest Group said: “Consumers

should be cautious about the salmon they buy. Ask supermarket staff if it is wild

salmon or farmed? Better safe than sorry. Have a happy, healthy Christmas.”


The Salmon Farm Protest Group organised a hugely successful protest on 26th October outside supermarkets in 99 cities and towns across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland:


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Notes to Editors


[1] The full text of “10 reasons to boycott Scottish ‘quality’ Salmon this Christmas” can be viewed at


[2] Scottish Quality Salmon’s “10 Reasons to be cheerful” can be viewed in the ‘What’s New’ section of the SQS’s media centre:

Read the full document here