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An rud bhios na do bhròin, cha bhi e na do thiomhnadh
That which you have wasted will not be there for future generations

Supermarket salmon protest leaps towards 100 locations

Salmon Farm Protest Group Press Release, 26th October 2002

The Salmon Farm Protest Group works to preserve Scotland’s marine and freshwater environment, and to protect the jobs of those who depend upon that environment for their livelihood (see web site at

Tomorrow morning (26/10/02) between 11:00am and 12 noon in up to 100 cities and towns throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland our supporters will hand out posters in front of leading supermarkets, including Asda, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Safeway and the Co-op, asking consumers not to buy farm salmon.

15,000 posters, "WHY YOU SHOULD’T BUY FARM SALMON", have been distributed. Anglers, environmentalists, welfare groups and consumers will be handing them out in front of supermarkets in London, Leeds, Sheffield, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness and Dublin. Messages of support have arrived from across the world, including Canada, America, Iceland, Chile, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Ireland, and even from as far afield as south east Alaska. A full list of messages of support and details of locations where the protest is planned are included with this press release.

Bruce Sandison, Salmon Farm Protest Group Chairman, said: "A decade of duplicity and obfuscation on the part of successive government administrations has led to this action. Their complicity in the destruction of Scotland’s West Highland and Island wild salmon and sea-trout stocks by disease and pollution from foreign-owned factory fish farms is nothing other than a national disgrace. It has to stop, now."

Don Staniford, winner of the Andrew Lees Memorial Award at the British Environment Media Awards in London on Wednesday, said: "The campaign against factory farmed salmon is gaining increasing support and vindication in both the minds of the media and the public. A consumer boycott against cheap and nasty farmed salmon is the only way to stem the tide of fake fish flooding supermarkets."

Further information:

Bruce Sandison Tel: 01847 611274; mobile: 07974 863 814

Don Staniford: Tel: 07880 716082

Farm Salmon Protest Group, Hysbackie, Tongue, by Lairg, Sutherland IV27 4XJ, Scotland.


Messages of Support

"I support your campaign wholeheartedly… we all know salmon farming has had a hugely adverse effect on wild stocks." (Paul Young, Actor, Author and Angler)

"Be sure that all French salmon anglers are on your side to help. We all love wild fishes, true fishes; we all love wild fishing, true fishing. We're all with you here in France." (Pascal Bacoux, Editor, 'La Peche et les poissons', Paris, France.)

"If customers knew that the salmon they're getting is coming from disease-plagued, drug-ridden, industrial feed lots, and stopped buying it, the British Columbia industry would go under. Best wishes for your protest!" (Laurie MacBride, Georgia Strait Alliance, Nanaimo, British Columbia.)

"I'm not an angler but I read your article in Fly Fishing & Fly Tying magazine and wondered if I could support the salmon issue by taking some posters/info to my local supermarket?" (Mrs R.D., Leicester.)

"Doubtless we'll be there…."(Lesley Riddoch, BBC Radio Scotland.)

"The Chilean experience [of fish farming] is only twenty years old, but has already had devastating negative effects in several areas. Worse damage still has been done around Puerto Cisnes and Puerto Aisen, where many of the fjords do not have a river to wash them out. This means that several of these fjords are completely blocked with stagnant stinking rubbish, plastic, polystyrene, oil, dumped dead (presumably infected) fish, often in big bags, dead birds, etc.. It is desperately sad to see these lovely places ruined. Needless to say, they are devoid of life in the water." (Christopher Brown, Isla Monita & Santiago, Chile.)

"Greetings from the Southeast Alaska village of Kake. We are a community of 750 people who have lived off the resources of our land for thousands of years. I am encouraged by your protest regarding the damage of fish farming on the environment. We have been very concerned for many years about the co-mingling of salmon into the waters of SE Alaska from the salmon farms in British Columbia Canada. I am hoping that your protest and other efforts to get the word out will bring light to this problem that causes worldwide concern." (Sam Jackson, President/CEO, Kake Tribal Corporation, Alaska)

"To anybody who has not been in a prolonged coma, the case explaining the environmental damage caused by salmon farming is now beyond dispute." (Sir Michael Wigan, author and conservationist.)

"Here in British Columbia we are repeating the salmon farming nightmares already underway in Scotland. Here, in the inlets around my home I am watching sea lice populations explode around salmon farms and wild salmon collapse. It breaks my heart."(Alexandra Morton, British Columbia, Canada.)

"The deadly pollution of the Western Scottish seas by salmon farming which ruins the wild Scottish salmon is a crying shame." (Joachin Schueck, Editor, 'Der Fliegenfischer', Germany.)

"I fully support the cause to highlight the grave conservation problems facing wild salmon and sea-trout and the environment associated with fish farming. This is an international scandal of epic proportions." (Ray Collier, Writer, Journalist and Environmentalist.)

"We understand the frustration and anger of so many people in Scotland over the decimation of their wild salmon stocks because of salmon farming. On the east and west coasts of Canada, we too are experiencing frightening impacts on our wild salmon. What is especially infuriating for citizens in Scotland and Canada is that our governments are accomplices not only in damaging wild fisheries and the environment, but also in abandoning fishing communities that wild fish have helped to sustain for so many years." (Lynn Hunter, The David Suzuki Foundation, Victoria, Canada.)

"Artificial pink dyes are used to mask the dirty grey appearance of farm salmon flesh. No wonder supermarkets are afraid to label the fish they sell as farm salmon, or to list the chemicals and colourants used in its production." (Don Staniford author of the forthcoming book "Cancer of the Coast: the environmental and public health disaster of sea cage fish farming.)

"The farming of salmon has some very serious issues attached. The frequent massive escapes, as well as the serious disease problems associated with salmon farming have posed grave threats to the wild fisheries. We wholeheartedly endorse the campaign to warn consumers that they should avoid farmed salmon in their diets." (Alfredo Quarto, Mangrove Action Project, Port Angeles, USA.)

"To practice the sport of angling for salmon and sea-trout we must always draw on our patience, but in the face of dwindling stocks as a direct result of a new level of greed grant-aided by Government, we must all stand up and shout STOP! We support this campaign 100% and will coordinate our actions on this side of the Irish Sea to make both Governments realise that this unbridled development and environmental disgrace will be opposed until the most sustainable methods are implemented. With all good wishes from Ireland." (Noel Carr, Chairman, Federation of Irish Salmon and Sea Trout Anglers.)

"The fish farming industry must accept that serious problems currently exist and adopt strict safety criteria." (Orri Vigfusson, Chairman, North Atlantic Salmon Fund.)

"Wild salmon, trout and sea trout are amongst the finest game fish in the world, delicious to eat, and offering unrivalled sport. They are therefore one of Scotland's great natural resources. Conservation work to allow them to flourish is a high priority." John Thurso (Lord Thurso, MP for Caithness and Sutherland.)

"This action will focus public attention upon what anglers have known for more than a decade: that salmon cage-farming has a 19th century 'industrial revolution' attitude towards 21st century environmental needs. It's time for the salmon farmers to either clean up or clear off." (Mark Bowler, Publishing Editor, Fly-Fishing & Fly-Tying magazine.)

"This crusade to save our sea-trout by expressing the devastation caused to our wild salmonids by the sea lice, diseases, chemicals and toxic algal blooms generated by salmon farms must be supported and applauded by all of us who care!" (Michael C Smith, Burnmouth, Stanley, Perth.)

"It's very important that consumers should be made aware of all the facts – environmental as well as nutritional – about farmed salmon so that they can make an informed decision whether or not to purchase these intensively farmed and chemically treated animals."(Rosamund Kidman Cox, Editor, BBC Wildlife Magazine, Bristol.)

"Just looking at the flabby, fluorescent-orange mounds of farm salmon flesh, with its thick white ribs of fat, makes me sick." (Adrian Latimer , Paris, France. Author of 'Wild Fishing in Wild Places'.)

Current Protest Locations

Aultbea, Wester Ross
Aberwstyth, Wales
Avoch, Black Isle
Bishopbriggs, Glasgow
Blackburn, Lancashire
Boat of Garten
Bognar Regis, West Sussex
Bowling, Glasgow
Bradfield, Berks
Bridge of Allan
Broadford, Skye
Buncrana, Co.Donegal
Bury, Lancashire
Camborne, Cornwall
Castleton, Man
Chelmsford, Essex
Colinsbugh, Fife
Colne, Lancashire
Corwen, Denbighshire
Darlington, Durham
Dover, Kent
Elgin, Morayshire
Fermoy, Cork
Fort William
Grantown on Spey
Guisburn, Lancashire
Forfar, Angus
Kirkwall, Orkney
Kirriemuir, Angus
Lerwick, Shetland
Langholm, Dumfriesshire
Manningtree, Essex
Milngavie, Glasgow
Morcambe, Lancashire
Muir of Ord
Nelson, Lancashire
Newport, IoW
Newton Stewart, Wigtownshire
Partick, Glasgow
Penicuik, Midlothian
Pershore, Worcs
Portree, Isle of Skye
Plymouth, Devon
Reading, Berks
Rutherglen, Glasgow
St Asaph, Wales
Salisbury, Wilts
Sonning, Berkshire
Stromness, Orkney
Tetsworth, Oxfordshire
Thurso, Caithness
Troon, Ayrshire
Watervillie, Kerry
Westerfield, Suffolk
Wick, Caithness