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An rud bhios na do bhròin, cha bhi e na do thiomhnadh
That which you have wasted will not be there for future generations



Protest Group Urges Government: "Evict fish farms from Salmon routes now"

Fisheries minister Allan Wilson is keynote speaker at the 24th March Stirling conference "Sea Change: A new direction for Aquaculture" when he will unveil the executive's year-long-delayed Aquaculture Strategy.

The SFPG welcomes the executive's decision to move salmon farms away from areas where their sea lice are killing West Highlands and Islands wild salmon and sea-trout, but the SFPG claims this must be done immediately, and not as the executive proposes by about the end of 2005.

SFPG chairman Bruce Sandison said: "If the executive were serious about saving our west coast wild fish they would have introduced a ban on salmon farms at the mouths of rivers when it was first recommended in 1991. Delaying the relocation process is just another example of this government's determination to protect the salmon farmers from public scrutiny at all costs.

"Through their incestuous relationship with the fish farmers the executive clearly shows that it couldn't care less about Scotland's wild fish or about the jobs of those who depend upon an unpolluted marine and freshwater environment for their livelihoods.

"Allan Wilson's spurious aquaculture strategy is nothing other than a blank cheque for the fish farmers. It allows them to pollute Scottish waters with impunity and to continue killing Scotland's wild salmon and sea-trout. Mr Wilson is signing a death warrant for our remaining wild fish.

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