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An rud bhios na do bhròin, cha bhi e na do thiomhnadh
That which you have wasted will not be there for future generations

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PRESS RELEASE – 4th June 2003

Royal grocer Waitrose is flouting new labelling laws that, as from 28th March, require supermarket salmon products to clearly state if the fish on sale are wild or farmed.

The Salmon Farm Protest Group (SFPG) has product wrapping for “Waitrose Scottish Smoked Salmon – Mild Oak Smoke” purchased in May from Waitrose at Church Hill Way West, Salisbury. It fails to say whether or not the fish is wild or farmed and this is in clear breach of the law. Instead, the Royal grocer prefers to tell customers that “These prime fish are harvested from salt water lochs around the Scottish coastline.”

Waitrose is not alone. The SFPG has discovered that supermarkets throughout UK including Safeway, Asda and Lidl, are also ignoring the law by failing in some instances to tell customers that they are buying farm salmon, rather than wild fish.

SFPG chairman Bruce Sandison said, “Supermarkets have had seventeen months to get their act together and are still breaking the law. We have visited dozens of supermarkets where the manager hasn’t a clue that the salmon on sale are improperly labelled.

“The law dictates that this information should be clear and unequivocal. Safeway has the information on some products, pre-packed salmon steaks, but it is in tiny, almost unreadable print, on a stick-on-bar-chart underneath the pack. In an Asda store we found the information at the wet fish counter was “buried” amongst the fish and invisible.

The only supermarket group that complies with the law is the Co-op, who, for years, has stated on their salmon products whether or not the fish they sell are wild or farmed. Why can’t their colleagues follow suit? Why do they continue to break the law? Why are they so ashamed to tell customers that they are buying fake salmon? The SFPG has reported these matters to the appropriate Trading Standards officers.”

For more information contact Don Staniford on Tel: 07880 716082

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