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An rud bhios na do bhròin, cha bhi e na do thiomhnadh
That which you have wasted will not be there for future generations



A survey by the Salmon Farm Protest Group has revealed that the majority of companies selling Scottish smoked salmon over the internet fail to identify the origin of their products. Out of more than 400 sites visited fewer than 20 clearly state that the fish on offer come from salmon farms. Others ‘implied’ that their fish were wild, or simply avoided making any mention of the true source of their product. Many also claim that no artificial colouring is used in the process.

But if the salmon are farmed, then the flesh colour most likely comes from feeding captive fish artificial chemicals, such as Canthaxanthin (E161g) which has been linked to eye defects. The “no artificial colouring” myth is promoted by the fish farmers themselves. Hydro Seafood GSP Ltd, one of Scotland’s major producers of farm salmon, says on its website: “The richness of the pink salmon flesh colour gives GSP salmon a very Scottish character” (

What most Scottish smoked salmon purveyors have in common is frequent recourse to descriptions of the life cycle of wild salmon, and the beauty of Scotland’s scenery:

Hebridean Smokehouse ( Our products come from the pristine environment of North Uist. Wild sea trout are found in the tidal waters on the west side of North Uist and it is from these stocks that we originally drew for our Peat Smoked Sea Trout.

Uig Lodge Smoked Salmon. ( The fresh Atlantic salmon is sourced locally... Atlantic salmon mature slowly in the cool clear waters surrounding the Hebrides.

Gourmet’s Choice. ( [Use] only the finest quality fresh, Scottish Salmon, specially selected from the pure waters off the islands of Scotland.

SFPG chairman Bruce Sandison commented, “Given the content of many of these websites, two things are clear to me: firstly, that the public is being shamelessly ‘conned’ and, secondly, that the majority of those who sell Scottish smoked salmon are afraid to admit that the bulk of their fish are fake salmon from factory fish farms.”

The SFPG has lodged a formal complaint with the Advertising Standards Agency about the methods used to advertise Scottish smoked salmon.

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