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‘Supermarket Salmon Watch’ makes waves across Europe

The Salmon Farm Protest Group (SFPG) has lodged a formal complaint with the European Commission over the failure of UK supermarkets to label salmon products in accordance with the law. Similar action has been taken by Patricia McKenna, Green Party Member of the European Parliament for Dublin, over breaches of EU law by Ireland, Luxembourg, Greece, Belgium and the UK.

The SFPG’s ‘Supermarket Salmon Watch’ campaign has been inundated with complaints from across the UK, including London, Edinburgh, Swindon, Bath, Lancaster, Liverpool and Newcastle. The UK is not alone in flouting the law and following information from the European Commission, the SFPG decided to act.

Bruce Sandison, Chairman of the SFPG, said: “The failure of the UK to enforce the Fish Labelling Regulations means that UK consumers have no idea if the salmon they are buying are farmed or wild. This regulation came into force on 1st January 2002. Eighteen months later, it is being ignored... We invite consumers to join our campaign. Which supermarkets are breaking the law? Let us know.”

The SFPG has been supported in their action by Members of the European Parliament from the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Greece and Luxembourg. Patricia McKenna said:

“European consumers are being duped into buying farmed salmon by misleading and illegal labelling. The Commission has admitted that implementation of Fish Labelling Regulation No.2065/2001 has been “patchy” across Europe with Ireland, UK, Belgium and Luxembourg the worst culprits. In fact, Ireland has still not passed the necessary enforcement legislation.”

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