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An rud bhios na do bhroin, cha bhi e na do thiomhnadh
"That which you have wasted will not be there for future generations"

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Guest Columns

As part of The Monitor's monthly journal, we invite a series of guests to write a personal column on the salmon farm crisis and its impacts. Find here a remarkable archive of these columnists.

October 2006 - Rudolfo Werber and Virgina Gascon Gonzalez: The impact of aquaculture on Antarctic ecosystems.
August 2006 - Craig Bohm: Promoting sustainable Australian aquiaculture solutions.
May 2006 - Mike Smylie: Fish are better off in the wild, says the 'Kipperman'.
April 2006 - Mark Lloyd Director of the Anglers Conservation Association, on the fight to make polluters pay.
February 2006 - Niall Greene of the Stop Now! campaign on Ireland's drift net fishery.
January 2006 - Mark Carter with further accounts of the slaughter of Scotland's seals.
December 2005 - Nigel Smith's eyewitness account of the slaughter of Scotland's seals.
October 2005 - Donald Rice on how the wishes of Annat Bay's communities have been overlooked.
September 2005 - Giuliani Furci on Chile's salmon farming crisis.
August 2005 - Dom Repta on Canada's Farmed and Dangerous campaign.
June 2005 - David Suzuki on farmed salmon as an example of our disconnection from the food we eat.
April 2005 - Geir Kjensmo on the threats from salmon farms to Norway's famous salmon rivers.
March 2005 - Graeme Bruce on his December dive revealing the contamination below the farms featured in Jamie Oliver's advertisement.
January 2005 - Rafe Mair Canada's best-known political commentator, on the denial of science, in both North America and Europe.
November 2004 - Alan Knight Chairman of the British Divers Marine Life Rescue organisation on the use of illegal methods of predator control on Salmon Farms in Shetland.
October 2004 - Michael Iain Wigan on Scotland's salmon farming convulsions.
September 2004 - John Mulcahy: The battleground that is the interface between the global aquaculture industry, with its allies in the Irish government, and those who believe enough is enough.
August 2004 - Kim Petersen: Disinformation and the salmon farming indutry.
July 2004 - Jim Semple: A grandfather's despair at the destruction of our environmental heritage.
June 2004 - Jackie Mackenzie describes what happend to him when he worked at Ardessie Fish Farm in Little Loch Broom.
May 2004 - George Westropp, Chairman of the Salmon and Trout Association, invites all those with an interest in the conservation of wild salmond stocks to help to preserve the species.
April 2004 - Dr Richard Shelton, Former Head of the Freshwater Fisheries Laboratory, on the tragic price of salmon farms.
March 2004 - Charlie Whelan, Former spin doctor, on why he wont eat farmed salmon.
February 2004 - Steve Trent, Director of the Environmental Justice Foundation, on the international aquaculture scandal.
January 2004 - Lynn Hunter, BC Co-ordinator of the Coastal Alliane for Aquaculture Reform, on the need for consumer action against the salmon farm industry.
December 2003 - David Oakes, Skye scallop diver, on the destruction to Scotland's marine environment that he has witnessed being caused by the salmon farming industry.
November 2003 - Juan Carlos Cárdenas Núñez, Executive Director of Executive director of Centro Ecoceanos, the Chilean NGO.
October 2003 - Mark Bowler, Editor of Fly-fishing and Fly-tying magazine.
September 2003 - David Lane, Director of British Columbia's T. Buck Suzuki Environmental Foundation, on the scant economic benefits of salmon farms.
August 2003 - Robin Harper, Scotland's first Green parliamentarian, on the shortcomings of the SE's recent Strategic Framework for Scottish Aquaculture.
July 2003 - Orri Vigfusson, chairman of the North Atlantic Salmon Fund, accuses the Scottish Executive of deciding that Scotland’s salmon aren't worth saving.
June 2003 - Alexandra Morton, leading Canadian campaigner, on her fight against British Columbia's salmon farms.
May 2003 - Michael Forsyth, Secretary of State for Scotland 1995-1997, confesses to his naivete in promoting fish-farming while in office.
April 2003 - Allan Berry, Chairman, Society for the Protection of Salmon and Sea Trout , on the bias in favour of fish farming in government policy.