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An rud bhios na do bhroin, cha bhi e na do thiomhnadh
"That which you have wasted will not be there for future generations"

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How to Make a Difference: What You Can Do

If you can spare a few moments, please write to the press expressing you concern about Scottish salmon farming. Here are key points you might consider mentioning:

  • Scottish salmon is the most contaminated foodstuff on the supermarket shelf
  • Boycott farmed salmon
  • Farmed salmon is threat to the pristine Scottish marine environment, wild salmon and sea trout stocks and to public health
  • The Government and the Food Standards Agency in particular should be ashamed of themselves for protecting salmon farmers and promoting the industry rather than protecting consumers and promoting food safety
  • Here is a list of the email contacts for the principal Scottish newspapers letters editors:

    Daily Record
    Daily Mail
    Sunday Express
    Sunday Herald
    Sunday Mail
    Sunday Times
    Edinburgh Evening News
    Aber Eve Exp
    Glasgow Evening Times
    Dundee Courier
    Dundee ET

    IMPORTANT: DON'T Forget to give your full mailing address AND telephone number. KEEP IT SHORT and to the point.