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An rud bhios na do bhroin, cha bhi e na do thiomhnadh
"That which you have wasted will not be there for future generations"

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The Salmon Farm Protest Group

The Salmon Farm Protest Group (SFPG) exists to protect the marine and freshwater environment from fish farm disease and pollution. The SFPG does not oppose fish farming. But, we must preserve the species that depend for survival upon unpolluted coastal and inland waters, and the jobs of people who rely upon that environment for their livelihoods. The Salmon Farm Protest Group has published a manfesto of 10 aims to achieve this objective:

1) An independent public inquiry
2) An immediate moratorium on the expansion of salmon farming and new species such as cod, halibut and haddock pending the outcome of an independent public inquiry
3) The establishment of an independent body to regulate fish farming as recommended by the Scottish Office’s 1997 Salmon Strategy Task Force (the Nickson report)
4) An immediate ban on salmon farms at the mouths of salmon rivers as recommended by a Scottish Office report in 1991
5) An immediate ban on the use of toxic and carcinogenic chemicals on sea cage fish farms
6) The movement of finfish aquaculture to land-based containment in order to eliminate the risk of escapes, to prevent the transfer of diseases and parasites to wild fish, and to allow for waste treatment of chemical discharges
7) The use of feed that is from sustainable, undepleted, uncontaminated sources
8) Ensure that contaminants, chemicals and artificial colourings in farmed salmon do not exceed safe levels
9) The proper labelling of farmed fish products in according with EU legislation
10) Full disclosure on labels of all chemicals used in the production of farmed fish

Bruce Sandison,
Salmon Farm Protest Group

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